Current Project

We have acquired 3 hectares of land rich in spring water located in the Pannonian Basin near the Austrian border, just 100 km from Vienna.

We have selected a 5,000 m² site for the construction of a pumping and production plant with an integrated logistics and administrative centre. Featuring a stylish architectural design that will blend in with landscape, a facility with 2,000 m² of usable space will be created. During the planning and realisation of the building complex, we will be following the stringent regulations for ecological and sustainable building in the “Green Building” segment.

By using a closed planning and production cycle – starting from the pumping of the spring water right through to our own bottling operations and marketing – we can ensure that "Vita Pannonia” is produced in harmony with the environment and the principles of sustainability. The outstanding quality of our spring water has been tested by a national institute. Our future bottling facility will even fulfil the strict EU standards for natural mineral water suitable for the feeding of infants.

All necessary authorisations and permits for the bottling of spring water have already been obtained.

From spring to bottle

The contract for the construction of the bottling plant was agreed in May 2017. Building work for the facility will commence in 2019. The first production run to test the bottling of the spring water is currently underway with a team of highly qualified specialist engineers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the production cycle will use around 50% less electricity than conventional bottling plants.

Preliminary purchase agreements have already been made with regional consumer markets and hotel chains. Further discussions are being prepared with various health spas and hospital groups. In addition to obtaining European certifications for our products, we will also acquire the certifications necessary for the US market.

Our water "Vita Pannonia"

The Pannonian Plain is an area of lowlands located in the southeastern part of Central Europe. It is encircled by the Alps, the Carpathians, the Balkan Mountains and the Dinarides.

The basin became filled with sediment during the Miocene epoch when the Pannonian Sea dried out 5-10 million years ago.

The Little Hungarian Plain is located in the Pannonian Basin and is hugged by the Danube. An abundance of thermal water springs can be found at depths of 2,000 to 700 metres in the lower strata of the Pannonian Basin. These are covered by layers of sand and gravel which are rich in mineral water. Our spring is located in this area which has been created by the natural geology of the Earth, providing us with life-sustaining water from a depth of 154 metres.

Thanks to its origins, our spring water is naturally pure and rich in minerals. The quality of the water we produce here has been tested and analysed by Wassertechnologisches Institut GmbH Szolnok.

Our spring water has a pH of 7.91, which helps the body to maintain its ideal pH level.

All fluids in the human body (blood, lymph, saliva, intercellular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) are slightly alkaline. If our pH level shifts towards acidic, this affects biochemical processes and causes over-acidification of the body, which leads to illnesses. It is therefore healthier for us if pH-neutral or slightly alkaline conditions prevail in the fluids within our organs. Maintaining the acid/alkaline balance in our body fluids helps to prevent the development of pathogenic processes.

Have a look at the outstanding quality of our water for yourself:


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